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15 Jun


How many of you watch F1, Moto GP or races in Olympics? I’m pretty sure you have all at least heard of races right. 

You must all be wondering why I am talking about RACE instead of Fire safety. The reason behind it is in Fire Safety space R-A-C-E is one of the thumb rules that tells us how to respond in case of a fire accident. 

What I’m saying will make sense so bear me for a couple of minutes. So, RACE stands for:

R – Rescue

A – Alert

C – Confine

E – Extinguish/Evacuate

All of you must have understood what I mean now. But because of the NERD I am, I will explain it anyway. 

The first thing we should do when there is a fire is to see if there is anyone stuck in the fire and try to rescue them. If you want to know about methods of rescue without harming ourselves, you can read our other article on “Fire Rescue.” 

Then alert the other civilians who stay in the surrounding building or houses about the fire to minimize the crowd that could get caught if the fire spreads.

Then comes the hard part – Contain/Confine. We have to confine the fire in the space so that it won’t spread to the surrounding buildings or by closing the doors, windows, ventilators, or anything opening in the building that could allow the fire to move.

Finally comes the extinguish/evacuate part. If there are any fire extinguishers in the vicinity and if you know how to use them then you can extinguish the fire. Only if it is extinguishable by an extinguisher or any other fire extinguishing methods. If you don’t know how to that’s okay too you can read about it in our other article about “Types of fire extinguishing methods.” or one of our other videos that will be live soon and if the fire is too big to extinguish with the resources available, then evacuate and wait for the fire brigade to arrive.

Hoping you won’t have to use this but it’s better to be prepared than regret it so, please take care of yourselves.

Stay tuned for more educating articles like this. Stay Safe and take care.

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