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05 Jul


We are building a series of blogs to help you understand that complex-looking Fire preventions systems are not that complex. In the last article, we learned about how a sprinkler works and the types of fire sprinklers. In case if you have missed it, I’ll leave a quick link down below make sure you check it out. Today, we will look at Smoke detectors and different types of Detectors used in the Fire Safety Industry.

Let’s start with the basics. Smoke Detectors are placed on roofs to detect smoke that could cause potential fire accidents. 

Different types of Detectors:

Like I mentioned in the other video. Various industries operate at different room temperatures & different applications, which makes it hard to use smoke detectors like mines, forging industries. So, the alternatives for smoke detectors are gas detectors, heat detectors & flame detectors. We also have multi sensor detectors.

Heat detectors are used to detect the change in temperature which are used in industries that generate a lot of dust particles like the stonemasonry industry. Since Smoke detectors rely on the number of dust particles to activate & in industries like this generate a lot of smoke which increases the frequency of false alarms.

Gas detectors are used in mines or petroleum industries where there is a possibility of gas leakages that could harm the people working in that area if they inhale the gas. In cases like this Gas detectors are used. Depending on the application the type of the gas detector is selected.

That’s it for today’s video. In case you have any queries leave them in the comments sections. I know it’s a bit old but, you can mail them to our mail id:

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