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05 Aug

Fire Sprinklers

We are building a series of blogs to help you understand that complex-looking Fire preventions systems are not that complex. In this blog, we will take a look at fire sprinkler and how it works. 

As you can see, I have some fire sprinklers right here and, you must be wondering why I have them in different colours? Well, there is a reason for each colour & we will get into that shortly.

First, let’s understand the sprinkler itself, and as you can look here, there are various parts in this sprinkler & we will look at them one after another.

All the fire sprinklers will be attached to the sprinkler line with this threading like a screw mechanism. The size of the threading varies based on the size of the sprinkler line we are using. For example, if the sprinkler line is larger, then the sprinkler threading will be bigger as well. This opening here is called an orifice through which the water travels from the sprinkler line to the sprinkler. This tiny circle-like thing is called a plug, which will help prevent water leakages from the sprinkler system. 

This part is called the deflector & this plays a crucial role in spreading the water over a wide range like a shower. 

Now let’s come to the most colourful and crucial part of this sprinkler- The glass bulb. This glass bulb is filled with a glycerine-based liquid which will expand if the room temperature increases. When the temperature inside the room rises beyond a certain level then the red liquid expands which results in breaking the glass, allowing the water to pass and help in stopping the fire. 

The colour of the liquid is also important because the temperature limit for the sprinkler will be determined based on the colour shown in this image. Due to various conditions at various locations having different room temperature limits like warehouses or industries which work in hot environments the resistance of the fluid also has to change & the colour is used to identify the different liquid-filled sprinklers. 

That’s it for this blog everyone. If you have any Queries leave them in the comments sections. I know it’s a bit old but, you can mail them to 

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