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08 Aug

Fire Accident: Fire accident in Habsiguda Hyderabad.. Huge loss of property..!

The recent series of fire accidents in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad have caused consternation. In January of this year, three people were burnt alive in a fire accident at Deccan Mall in Secunderabad. After that, the fire incident in Swapnalok complex in March filled the shadows of tragedy. Six people died in this incident. Three more were killed in the accident at Kushai Guda. Besides, there was a fire accident in a play school recently. But there was no loss of life. Recently, another fire accident took place. Going into details..

A fire broke out in the Taste of India restaurant in Habsiguda. But as this danger was not recognized, the fire spread to the adjacent Unlimited Cloth Showroom. Locals noticed the huge fire and informed the fire brigade. Firefighters are controlling the fire. Tried to bring the fire under control with three fire engines. In this sequence, thick smoke is spreading all over the area. Due to this, the passengers traveling on the Uppal – Secunderabad route are facing serious problems due to this smoke. There was a massive traffic jam in Habsiguda. It seems that there has been a huge loss of property in this accident.

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