Fire Inspection Service at Hyderabad

Fire Safety Inspection Service

Our team provides a vital role in maintaining the various essential services within existing buildings, ensuring your valuable asset is kept safe and up to date.

We will carry out a fire safety assessment of your home, office or industrial premises, and help you determine exactly what you need to be completely fire safe.

The things that our fire safety inspectors will most likely check are as follows:

– Fire detection and warning systems

– Firefighting equipment

– The needs of vulnerable people, eg the elderly, young –    

   children or those with disabilities

– Providing information to employees and other people 

   on the premises and also provide fire safety training.



If you are unsure about what fire safety equipment you need please get in touch and our experts will talk you through the available options. We also offer a free site survey so you are always in safe hands.

If you are a business owner and are unsure who is responsible for the fire safety in your workplace or commercial property, the fact is that person, is you. Regular fire risk assessments will help to prevent fire and keep the people within your building safe.

Basic Elements offers a comprehensive solution to help meet your fire safety management requirements.

Services provided from assessment through to the installation, maintenance and testing of a wide range of fire safety equipment. This allows us to make sure we match your situation with the person whose knowledge and experience best fits your needs.


– Anti-freeze system

– Backflow devices

– Clean agent systems

– Corrosion management systems

– Deluge, dry pipe, pre-action, and wet systems

– Emergency and exit lighting

– Eyewash stations

– Standpipe systems

– Fire extinguishers

– Fire hoses & PRV’s

– Fire hydrants

– Fire pumps

– Fire sprinkler systems

– Hose systems

– Kitchen hood systems

– Special hazards systems

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