Fire Fighting Annual Maintenance Contract

Basic Elements sets the standard for Fire Protection Systems. We are proud to provide annual maintenance contracts and services to all the installed fire protection system throughout Telangana.

We offer Annual Maintenance of Fire Detection System and Fire Protection System as per Indian and International Standards and gaps related to fire safety. These services are according to NFPA/IS Standard. We also work in the area of Fire Systems related audits and legal compliances.

We are specialist in Fire Alarm, Sprinkler and suppression system service, we recognize the need to help our customers meet their total life safety service requirements. It is now possible for you to have a single reliable service company responsible for fire alarm, sprinkler, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, special hazard suppression services and monitoring services.

Fire is one of the major concerns for any facility, whether Industry, Warehouse, Production units, Commercial Building or Residential Apartments.

We are Specialists in Installation & Maintenance of Fire Fighting Systems

Basic Elements team can offer no-obligation fire safety inspections to assess where improvements need to be made.
It’s all about risk management. You need to ensure that those systems will perform, what they were
designed for if a fire breaks out –reliably, safely, and effectively protect people and property.

We install fire protection system like Hydrant and Sprinkler system & Gas Suppression system like – CO2, HFC 227, NOVEC 1230, FM 200 etc,  installation and Commissioning of Detectors

We provide installation of all types of detectors and panel. Our product and services cover all the major addressable brands of Fire Detection and conventional system. We have a team of highly trained and professionals who are expert in installing fire detectors. Our experts carry great expertise from designing, commissioning and maintenance of IGNICOP devices having low voltage. 

Without service and maintenance, even the best fire fighting equipment might fail to function when required. A service and maintenance contract gives you:

1. Reduced risks of failure of equipment when the need arises – saving your investments and your business.

2. Extended life of your fire safety hardware.

3. Compliance with local fire office and insurance company requirements.

4. Saves money that will be required to manage accidental breakdowns.

5. Peace of mind. And time to focus on your core areas.

Fire Fighting Systems are seldom used – hence it becomes more important to ensure that it is always in perfect running condition.

Heavy investments go into the installation of Fire Safety Hardware the whole investment goes to waste if the fire systems fail to work.

We provide Annual Maintenance Contract to provide complete solutions to our valuable clients. We have well-trained engineers and technicians to provide

hassle-free service related to hydrant systems, sprinkler systems, foam systems, Fire Alarm, firefighting systems, fire curtains and Medium & High velocity spray systems, CO2 clean agents, and fire suppression systems


To provide complete solutions to our clients, we undertake maintenance of all types of firefighting systems.

Our annual maintenance contract takes care of preventive maintenance that includes timely inspection and maintenance of these systems.

This ensures the longevity of firefighting systems, trouble-free operations, and lower downtime. We have a dedicated team of highly qualified technicians to inspect and maintain your fire protection system. We perform inspections on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.

We impart firefighting and first aid training tailor-made to each industry. We have members on our panel to suit maintenance of various industries such as pharma, food, education, software, highrise apartments, storage, warehouses, hotels, malls and multiplexes, heavy engineering industries, fertilizer and chemicals, hospitality, etc.

For more information about how we can help you, get in touch with a friendly, knowledgeable team member today – we’re always happy to help.

Our fully qualified, certified engineers are always on hand to deliver professional advice and guidance, helping you make the right choice for your property and your employees when it comes to installing and maintaining fire safety equipment.

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