Four of family die in Delhi fire accident

In Delhi's Prem Nagar, a family tragically perished in a house fire. Similarly, in Ghaziabad, another fire claimed lives due to an LPG cylinder leak.

Four family members, including Heera Singh Kakkar (48) and his wife Neetu (40), lost their lives in Dwarka's Prem Nagar. Firefighters responded swiftly but were unable to save them.

Delhi Incident

In Ghaziabad's Defence Colony, a fire sparked by an LPG cylinder leak led to the deaths of a woman and her two daughters, highlighting the lethal consequences of fire hazards

Ghaziabad Incident

These incidents underscore the critical importance of robust fire safety measures in residential and construction settings.

Lessons Learned

Implementing fire safety protocols such as regular risk assessments, proper storage of combustible materials, and installation of fire protection systems can mitigate such tragedies

Preventive Measures

Investing in fire safety not only protects lives and property but also ensures business continuity and compliance with fire codes.

Importance of Fire Safety

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