Fire Extinguisher 101 Your Guide to India's Fire Safety Rules and Requirements

Preparation tips by: Basic ELements 

Fire Extinguisher Standards

Fire safety is extremely important, especially in crowded places like offices, schools, hospitals, and other public spaces.


Fire Extinguisher Capacity

So a 5A/10B extinguisher has a 5A rating for Class A fires meaning it has the same extinguishing capacity as 5 gallons of water for ordinary combustibles


Mandatory Fire Extinguisher Requirements

Public buildings like malls, hotels, hospitals, schools etc. must have adequate portable extinguishers installed within a travel distance of 22.5 meters.


Stay Fire Safe!

Fire extinguishers play a crucial role in fire safety and are mandated in many public and commercial buildings in India. When properly installed, inspected, and maintained, they can help contain and extinguish small fires before they spread