Hydrant System

Fire hydrant system has been mainstay used to fight medium to large sized fires, the fire hydrant system.

Sprinkler System

The “Sprinkler” is a heat sensing device. Sprinkler Systems are of various types, temperature ranges and designs.

Fire Alarm System

Fire Detection System in India or Fire Alarm Systems is an early warning system designed for industrial or residential.

System Management

We offer and extend our annual/periodical maintenance services to our happy clients and also aim at stretching .

Latest Projects


Mr.N.Prasad has been associated with us erstwhile, we have named him as fire Prasad, and he is very enterprising and versatile personality who likes to work against laid down deadlines. He has a dedicated and intelligent team; he always led them from front. We like to wish him all the very best for all his future endeavors and new assignments. --- Col. A.K. Sabharwal, M.P.M, D.B.M. (Administrator), Fernandez Hospital.

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