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Fire Safety Inspection Service

Ensuring Fire Safety Excellence

At Basic Elements, our Fire Safety Inspection Services prioritize the safety of your premises. Our team conducts thorough assessments for homes, offices, and industrial spaces, focusing on critical aspects like fire detection, firefighting equipment, and the needs of vulnerable individuals. Beyond inspections, we offer comprehensive solutions, including installation, maintenance, and testing of various fire safety equipment. Trust Basic Elements for a proactive approach to fire safety, keeping you well-prepared and protected. Choose excellence with our Fire Safety Inspection Services.

Fire Safety
Fire Safety

Fire Safety Inspection Service


Fire Safety

Anti-freeze system

Fire Safety

Backflow devices

Fire Safety

Clean agent systems

Fire Safety

Corrosion management systems

Fire Safety

Deluge, dry pipe, pre-action, and wet systems

Fire Safety

Emergency and exit lighting

Eyewash stations

Standpipe systems

Fire extinguishers

Fire hoses & PRV’s

Fire hydrants

Fire pumps

Fire sprinkler systems

Hose systems

Kitchen hood systems

Special hazards systems

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