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Ensure the safety of your industrial or residential spaces with our comprehensive Fire Alarm System Installation services. A Fire Alarm System serves as an early warning system, designed to provide timely alerts in case of a fire incident.

A Fire Alarm System is a passive safety measure that does not stop the fire but plays a crucial role in early detection and warning. Its primary functions include providing early warnings for evacuation and alerting responsible authorities, such as the local Fire Department or Emergency Action team.

Our advanced Fire Alarm Systems are suitable for flameproof environments, ensuring intrinsic safety and explosion-proof features for enhanced protection.

Basic Elements Offer of Fire Alarm Service
Fire Alarm

There are two types of Fire Alarm Systems based on the detection of the fire’s location:

Addressable Fire Alarm System:

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems, also known as Smart  Systems, not only detect fire but also provide the specific location of the fire. As the fire spreads, the system alerts accordingly. These systems can connect up to 250 devices to the main control panel, offering advanced features and precise information.

Conventional Fire Alarm System:

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems are simpler, focusing on alerting occupants when a fire occurs. They serve as an effective basic fire safety measure for various environments.

At Basic Elements, we specialize in the installation of both Addressable and Conventional Fire Alarm Systems, ensuring that your spaces are equipped with reliable early warning systems to enhance safety and minimize potential risks.

Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

Fire Alarm Design & Installation

Our Service specialists prioritize your budget, building specifications, and environmental factors to design and install the most effective alarm system for your property. Highly-trained technicians with extensive expertise ensure the installation of comprehensive fire alarm systems tailored to the unique requirements of various industries, including:

Group A – Residential

Group B – Education

Group C – Institutional

Group D – Assembly

Group E – Business

Group F – Mercantile

Group G – Industrial

Group H – Storage

Group J – Hazardous

Basic Elements Offer of Fire Alarm Service
Basic Elements Offer of Fire Alarm Service

Fire Alarm Inspection & Testing

Regular inspections are vital for maintaining the functionality of your facility’s fire system. On the scheduled inspection date, our experienced fire alarm technicians arrive promptly to conduct thorough inspections and tests on various components, ensuring the system’s reliability. Key components inspected include:

  • Control panels
  • Initiating devices
  • Remote annunciators
  • Fuses and batteries
  • Supervised control valves
  • Heat, smoke, and duct detectors
  • Flow switches, tamper switches, and low-pressure alarms

Our commitment is to ensure that your fire alarm system operates at peak efficiency, providing early detection and swift response in case of any fire-related incidents. Trust Basic Elements for comprehensive fire safety solutions backed by regular inspections and rigorous testing procedures.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Timely maintenance is crucial for the effective functioning of fire alarm systems. At Basic Elements, we offer prompt and cost-effective preventive maintenance and repair services, ensuring the reliability of your fire alarm system. Our services include:

  • Emergency repair services
  • Replacement equipment
  • Precise record-keeping and reporting
  • Annual and biennial fire alarm equipment maintenance
  • Trained technicians available 24/7 to respond to your needs

Basic Elements offers a variety of fire alarm monitoring solutions for all types of fire-related scenarios by observing the following alarm signals 24/7:

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Basic Elements Offer of Fire Alarm Service
alarm (1)

Fire Alarm

Notification of smoke detector activation

smoke-detector (2)

System Functionality

Notification of decreased performance

smoke-detector (3)

System Disabled

Notification to reset systems

alarm (2)

Low Battery

Notification to replace system batteries

Basic Elements | Fire Protection Services

Power Failure

Notification of power blackout or disruption


Every Year:

Fire alarm control panels

Initiating devices

Alarm communication equipment

Remote annunciators

Every 2 Years:

Smoke detection devices undergo sensitivity and function tests

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