First Inhouse Recharging of Extinguisher Services

About FIRES™

Welcome to FIRES™ – First Inhouse Recharging of Extinguisher Services, a revolutionary offering by Basic Elements®. Say goodbye to the challenges of finding a reliable vendor for extinguisher refilling as we bring the solution directly to your doorstep.

FIRES™: Rethinking Extinguisher Refilling

FIRES™ represents a paradigm shift in extinguisher services, ensuring convenience, transparency, and reliability. Experience the future of fire safety maintenance with our on-site refilling solutions.

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How FIRES™ works

We have ingeniously developed a dedicated truck, operated by technically trained professionals, bringing the extinguisher refilling process directly to your premises.

Benefits of FIRES™

At Basic Elements, we pioneer fire safety solutions, driven by the mission to create a fire-safe world
Experience the Future of Extinguisher Refilling

Ready to redefine your approach to extinguisher maintenance? 

Contact us to schedule FIRES™ services at your premises. 

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