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About Us

Welcome to Basic Elements Solutions, where safety meets innovation adding Fire Safety Solutions. Established in 2009, Basic Elements emerged from a vision deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom of panchamahabhuta – the five elements of nature. Just as Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space form the core elements of life, we at Basic Elements have integrated these principles into our mission: to channel the power of these elements for fire prevention, protection, and evacuation. With a passion for safeguarding lives and property, we embarked on a journey to redefine fire safety services standards.

Our philosophy prioritizes designing solutions that meet the minimum requirements for fire hazards with a commitment to high standards of engineering and workmanship. Our scope of work covers the design, engineering, supply, installation, inspection, testing, and commissioning of fire protection systems in adherence to industry codes and standards

Established in the Year 2009

More than 14 Years of Fire Fighting Service

Basic Elements
Prasad Nishtala

Meet our Founder

Mr. Prasad Nishtala

Prasad Nishtala, the visionary founder of Basic Elements, brings a successful background in Pharma and Software to the world of fire protection. Holding positions as President of FSAI, Former President of ASSP – Telangana Chapter, Prasad is committed to safety leadership. Driven by innovation and a vision ‘to Create a Fire Safe World,’ he constantly explores new ideas, impacting safety leadership through training, strategic tie-ups, and supporting small businesses. Follow Mr. Prasad on LinkedIn

We Take Pride in Fire Safety

Meaning of Basic Elements

The name “Basic Elements” draws inspiration from the concept of Panchamahabhuta in Hindu mythology, representing the five fundamental elements of nature: Earth (Bhumi), Water (Jala), Fire (Agni), Air (Vayu), and Space (Aakash). In alignment with this philosophy, we aim to channelize fire protection by integrating the elements of Prevention, Protection, and Evacuation. This signifies our commitment to harmonizing the forces of nature to enhance safety and well-being.


To Create a Fire Safe World

At Basic Elements, we pioneer fire safety solutions, driven by the mission to create a fire-safe world

Our values

Why Should Basic Elements be your Perfect Fire Safety Partner?

Our Vision


Our Mission

"To simplify Fire Safety with Technology and make it Universally Accessible."

Our Approach

Simplifying Fire

Our Values

Basic Elements

ISO Certified Company

We are ISO certified company providing leading premium Fire Protection Service providers in India for over a Decade.
Join Us in Building a Fire Safe World

Join our mission to make the world a safer place, one fire-proofed building at a time. Through innovative fire safety solutions, let’s protect lives, preserve property, and build communities where peace of mind reigns

Experience the Basic Elements difference – where expertise, innovation, and dedication converge to redefine fire safety standards. Contact us today and let’s build a safer future together.

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