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Basic Elements was established in the year 2009 with a view to protecting lives and property from fire hazards.


Fire Alarm System

A Fire Alarm System is a passive system, means it does not stop the fir...

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Annual/periodical maintenance services

We offer and extend our annual/periodical maintenance services to our ha...

Fire Detection System
An early warning system designed for industrial or residential spaces.

The main function of a Fire Detection System is to give an early warning

Sprinkler System
Fire Sprinkler System

The “Sprinkler” is a heat sensing device. Sprinkler Systems are of vario...

Fire Hydrant System
Fight Medium and Large Fires

Fire hydrant system has been to fight medium to large fires.

Tailored and value added services

In terms of providing extensive technical support and project execution ...


Basic Elements was established in the year 2009 with a view to protecting lives and property from fire hazards. We are a team of highly qualified and well-experienced engineers.  Supported by skilled and proficient workforce, who are specialized in establishing fire safety equipment, related fabrication, installation etc., we have successfully helped many businesses become fire safety compliant.


1. Marriott Hotels:

Case Study: Marriott hotels had a challenge of re-equipping their pump house which was built 20 years ago with concurrent concepts that were prevailing at that time. Challenge was to replace whole pumps within 48 hours while keeping the whole system live on standby.

Solution: We have designed and executed the complete pump house by the following method:

1. We have pre-assembled the suction and delivery lines based on new dimensions of pumps.

2. Dismantled the old pumps and panel.

3. Installed the new pumps and panel working continuously for 48 hours to meet the deadline.

Benefit to the client: Being a five-star hotel they could successfully transform their whole pump house to much higher capacity without any eventuality or interruption to their regular activities.

2. Fernandez Hospital

Case Study: When inspected Fernandez hospital had no space to build pump house; However, they wanted a pump house with positive suction and also must comply with law of land. Challenge was to complete such a huge task with no space anywhere.

Solution: After an in-depth analysis and examination, Basic elements could carve a niche and build a pump house in utility sump and make it thoroughly functional with adequate ventilation and easy approachability.

Benefit to the client: Fernandez hospital had a cost-saving benefit as they were considering vertical turbine pumps which were four times the cost, also when they have applied for NOC they could get it easily as it was gratifying NBC norms.

3. Avalon Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd

Case Study: When surveyed and submitted our drawing, the shed plan and anchoring were not specific and workable to install fire fighting system and this was a challenge to us in execution.

Solution: We could redesign according to their site conditions and also made it in compliance with the law of land.

Benefit to the client: We were successful in meeting our service deadline, which resulted in resuming their production activity on time


Col. A.K. Sabharwal, M.P.M, D.B.M. (Administrator), Fernandez Hospital.

Mr.N.Prasad has been associated with us erstwhile, we have named him as fire Prasad, and he is a very enterprising and versatile personality who likes to work against laid down deadlines. He has a dedicated and intelligent team; he always led them from the front. We like to wish him all the very best for all his future endeavors and new assignments.

Padmacharan, Director of Engineering, Marriott Hotels.

We have approached basic elements solutions for replacement of our existing pump house with new one. We were racing against time as we had a year-end rush. Basic elements solutions delivered the project assigned on time; though it had many challenges and was executed in well-ordered manner. We wish Mr. Prasad and his team all the very best for all their future endeavors.

Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital

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