Fire Hazard Annunciator System

Fire Hazard Annunciator System

Welcome to the future of fire safety technology – IGNICOP®, an innovative creation by Basic Elements. In our pursuit to “Create a Fire Safe World,” we have developed IGNICOP®, a groundbreaking fire prevention communication device that sets new standards in safety, reliability, and responsiveness.

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Ignicop®: Revolutionizing Fire Safety Monitoring

IGNICOP® stands as a pioneering solution, addressing a common concern: What if traditional fire safety systems fail in critical moments? IGNICOP® offers a proactive approach, monitoring the health of fire safety systems in real-time, effectively reducing the risk velocity and ensuring immediate response in case of deviations. This intelligent system tracks Fire Alarms and Pressure levels, instantly notifying stakeholders and first responders via SMS and phone calls within seconds.


How Ignicop Works

IGNICOP® is a groundbreaking fire hazard annunciator system introduced by Basic Elements with a mission to “Create a Fire Safe World.”

Continous Monitoring

IGNICOP® ensures the ongoing health monitoring of installed Fire Safety Systems, effectively minimizing risk at all times.

System Status Tracking

The device keeps a close watch on the Fire Alarm and Pressure levels in the installed Fire Safety Systems, providing a comprehensive health assessment.

Instant Alerts

If there is any deviation in the fire alarm or pressure levels, IGNICOP® triggers immediate notifications to four stakeholders/first responders through SMS within 5 seconds, followed by phone calls in 10 seconds.

Dashboard Accessibility

Users can conveniently check the status and monitor multiple sites through the user-friendly Admin Dashboard, making IGNICOP® an effective incident index for various industries, commercial spaces, and residential buildings.

Central Communication Hub

IGNICOP® serves as the central hub of a robust and scalable fire and life-safety communications system, incorporating advanced technology that is both intelligent, configurable, and cost-effective.

Basic Elements | Fire Protection Services

Benefits of IGNICOP : Being a first-of-its-kind fire safety monitoring device Ignicop®

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USP of Ignicop : With IGNICOP vs. Without IGNICOP:

Traditionally, fire safety relies on reactive measures, often leading to critical consequences:

Without Ignicop
With Ignicop

Choose IGNICOP® for a future-ready, proactive fire safety solution.

Ready to revolutionize your fire safety approach? Contact us to integrate IGNICOP® into your premises. Experience the peace of mind that comes with proactive fire safety monitoring. IGNICOP® ensures that your business stands ready, protected, and prepared against unexpected fire incidents. Secure your future with IGNICOP® – where innovation meets safety.

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