Massive Camac Street Fire: A Wake-Up Call for Urban Fire Safety

Camac Street Fire Causes Major Traffic Disruption

A massive fire broke out in a non-operational bar-cum-restaurant on Camac Street, opposite Allen Park, affecting weekday traffic on Tuesday morning and resulting in multiple diversions. The fire caused significant disruptions on Park Street and surrounding areas.

Immediate Response to Camac Street Fire Incident

Massive Camac Street Fire: A Wake-Up Call for Urban Fire Safety

Traffic on Park Street was disrupted for about 10 minutes at 11 am, as thick smoke was seen billowing out of the building at 1 Camac Street. The ripple effect of this incident caused congestion on adjoining roads as well, according to police reports.

Impact on Commuters Due to Camac Street Fire

Many commuters heading to work experienced delays due to the traffic restrictions. A resident of Anandapur, who was heading to his office in Bowbazar, shared his experience: “I was stuck at the Mullickbazar crossing. The vehicles ahead of me were not moving. I learned that there was a huge fire ahead. I managed to take Circus Avenue and reached JL Nehru Road through the Exide crossing.”

A hair stylist working at a salon on Wood Street reported being delayed by half an hour due to the traffic snarl near Park Street. Many individuals were prevented from entering Camac Street and were directed to alternative routes.

Traffic Diversions and Management During the Fire

Massive Camac Street Fire: A Wake-Up Call for Urban Fire Safety

All north-bound vehicles heading towards JL Nehru Road through Camac Street were diverted at three points, according to police. “We diverted traffic to ensure vehicles did not go near the site of the fire, where fire tenders were working,” said an officer from the South traffic guard.

Vehicles on Camac Street were diverted through Middleton Row and then through the Jeevan Deep crossing. No vehicles were allowed to enter Camac Street from AJC Bose Road.

An officer from the traffic department clarified that only a portion of Camac Street was closed to traffic. “The stretch of Camac Street between the Middleton Row and Park Street crossings was completely closed to traffic between 11 am and 3 pm. The rest of the road was open and diversions were made to ensure traffic kept moving,” the officer said.

Incidents like the fire on Camac Street highlight the necessity for advanced fire safety measures. One such revolutionary solution is IGNICOP®, an Early Warning Apparatus and Communication System (EWACS) developed by Basic Elements. IGNICOP® offers real-time monitoring of fire safety systems, which could have significantly mitigated the risk and impact of the Camac Street fire.

How IGNICOP® Works

Massive Camac Street Fire: A Wake-Up Call for Urban Fire Safety

IGNICOP® continuously monitors the health of installed fire safety systems, tracking fire alarms and pressure levels. In the event of any deviation, IGNICOP® instantly alerts four stakeholders or first responders via SMS within 5 seconds, followed by phone calls in 10 seconds. This rapid communication could have provided an earlier warning, enabling quicker response times and potentially preventing the fire from escalating.


The fire incident on Camac Street underscores the importance of advanced fire safety measures and preparedness. By utilizing systems like IGNICOP®, establishments can better protect lives, property, and ensure business continuity. Don’t wait until it’s too late—take proactive steps with IGNICOP® to safeguard against fire emergencies. Contact Basic Elements to schedule a fire safety assessment and ensure your establishment is fully prepared to prevent and respond to fire incidents.


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