A Big Fire Started in A Furniture Warehouse in A Suburb of Mumbai, But it was Put out, nd no one was injured.

A big fire broke out in a furniture storage place in Goregaon, Mumbai, on Thursday evening. Luckily, no one was hurt or died because of it.

A big fire that started in a furniture warehouse in the Goregaon area of Mumbai, Maharashtra, on Thursday afternoon has been put out, according to officials.

Officials reported that the fire that broke out in a storage unit at Sunteck City, Narayan Plaza around 3:50 pm was put out by 8:15 pm.

Authorities said a big fire started at a furniture store near Narayan Plaza at about 3:50 in the afternoon. Ten fire trucks quickly came to put out the fire.

“No injuries or casualties to anyone have been reported in the blaze so far,” the police said earlier.

Photos shared on social media showed in Mumbai incident thick black smoke coming from the burning building as firefighters worked hard to put out the big flames.

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“The fire was confined to garments, wood stock, scrap items, and fabrication materials in 10 to 15 shops in the ground-plus-one-storey structure spread over 2,000 square feet. It had temporary and permanent shops along with a lot of furniture items in this warehouse in Mumbai ,” an official said.

He said that at least eight fire trucks, more fire brigade vehicles, and an ambulance were sent out.

“The flames were put out after a duration exceeding four hours,” the official mentioned. “The source of the fire remains unknown,” he conveyed.

People living nearby were grateful to the firefighters for acting fast and admired their bravery in handling the fire. Many shared pictures and videos online, highlighting how important it is to be prepared for and safe from fires.

This event reminds us how small mistakes or overlooked details can lead to dangerous situations. It’s very important for both people and companies to pay attention to fire safety. This means checking things regularly, storing things that can catch fire the right way, and having a clear plan for how to get out safely if there’s a fire.

From this event, we can learn important lessons and take necessary steps to protect ourselves better. Making sure our neighborhoods and companies focus on fire safety is really important to stop bad things from happening in the future. Contact Basic Elements Solutions to see how we can work together to protect people and places from the risks of fires.


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