Do you want a Quick, Convenient and Easy way to monitor your Fire Safety? Read on to see How!

Ignicop® is a Fire Hazard Annuniciator Panel that alerts about any anomaly in the fire protection systems to the first responders by way of SMS and Phone Call and an intuitive dashboard that can also be viewed by many thereby providing information at your fingertips. With IGNICOP®, crucial information about the health status  of the Fire Protection systems of your premises is always at your fingertips. Ignicop® (Fire Alarm Annunciator Panel) also helps in compliance with RERA by providing cost-effective maintenance and perpetual safety.

Ignicop® – Fire Hazard Annunciator System
With a vision to “Create a Fire Safe world,” Basic Elements has successfully innovated first-of-its-kind fire prevention communication device – IGNICOP®.

In order to adhere to the statutory compliance policies, we install several fire safety systems at our site. But what if they fail to work when required? How can one identify or track the health of the Fire Safety System installed at the site?

IGNICOP® is the answer for you, it monitors the health of the Fire Safety Systems reducing the Risk velocity at any given time.

Ignicop® helps to track the status of the Fire Alarm and Pressure level of the installed Fire safety systems. In case of any deviation in the fire alarm or the pressure levels in the system, the device intimates 4 stakeholders/first responders through SMS in 5 seconds followed by a Phone Calls in 10 seconds. One can also check the status on the Dashboard and monitor multiple sites with ease through and Admin Dashboard. IGNICOP® works as an effective Incident index for any Industry, Commercial and residential buildings etc.

Our fire alarm annunciator systems are the heart of a robust and scalable fire and life-safety communications system. Intelligent, configurable, and expandable, they can meet a wide range of customer and building needs.

Our annunciator system incorporates next-generation technology that is both robust and cost-effective.

How is Ignicop® helpful?
Being a first-of-its-kind fire safety monitoring device Ignicop®

– Saves Life and Property in case of property.

– Reducing the Risk velocity, thereby saving the loss of      any critical components.

– Increasing the Resilience of the company in responding to a critical fire accident.
– Reducing the risk of Legal Liabilities.
– Helps in Business Continuity by reducing the downtime
–  Adherence to Pipeline integrity.
–  Increases the overall Operational Excellence.
– Contributes to reducing the Carbon footprint.
With the help of Ignicop® you can respond swiftly in case of a fire accident. The compliance with NBC in terms of fire safety and information management enhances its utility in high-rise buildings. Incorporating new, efficient ways of commissioning the system reduces setup times and therefore costs and our intuitive interface makes programming and operating the panels a breeze.
Fire hazard prevention is an integral part of effective reputation management. A rapid and effective response to sudden unexpected events can enhance status. Experience shows best of the buildings had safety challenges. IGNICOP® helps in averting any fire disaster.
To help reduce the total cost of ownership, our annunciator panel provides several functions aimed at increasing flexibility, not only at the initial install phase, but also throughout the complete lifetime of the system. Ignicop’s intuitive interface feature make it easier to install, more reliable, and easier to manage and maintain.

Fire Hazard Prevention is an integral part of effective reputation management

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