Massive fire at Delhi’s Mundka factory, 26 fire engines dispatched to the scene.

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A significant fire incident occurred at a factory in Delhi’s Mundka on Tuesday. The fire affected three factories in the vicinity, prompting the dispatch of 26 fire tenders to the scene for fire control measures.

A big fire tore through a factory in Mundka, Delhi on Tuesday. Around 26 fire trucks rushed to the scene to put out the fire.

The incident was reported to the fire brigade at 11:12 am after which the fire department officials confirmed that they were trying to extinguish the fire.

No injuries have been reported yet. The property damage is still being confirmed. The fire brigade managed to get the fire under control by 5 pm. They then proceeded with the cooling process at the accident site.

“We got a call at 11.12 am regarding fire in three different factories. The fire was brought under control at 5 pm and the cooling process is underway,” a DFS official told PTI.

The fire initially ignited at a plastic granule factory and subsequently extended to two neighboring factories, as per PTI’s report citing an official source.

“The local police were notified about the incident,” stated the DFS official. An investigation is currently in progress to determine the cause of the fire. Mundka is home to numerous factories and industrial buildings, increasing the likelihood of significant accidents and incidents.

In 2022, a significant fire incident at a four-story commercial building near Mundka metro station resulted in the loss of 20 lives. Another fire tragedy occurred in Delhi’s Bawana industrial area, where 17 workers tragically lost their lives at an unauthorized firecracker packaging unit.

Considering such incidents, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) issued notifications to the Delhi government and the police commissioner in February of this year.

The rights panel has further instructed the Delhi government to conduct a comprehensive survey of all industrial units engaged in the production of hazardous chemicals and other flammable substances, operating unlawfully without adhering to the safety protocols outlined in the Factories Act. A detailed report must be submitted within six weeks.
In the aftermath of the recent fire incident at a factory in Mundka, Delhi, it is paramount to underscore the significance of fire safety measures. Our advanced fire prevention system, IGNICOP, could have played a pivotal role in the early detection and prevention of such incidents. By promptly alerting first responders and stakeholders in real-time, IGNICOP aids in risk mitigation and damage reduction to properties and lives. Let us prioritize fire safety to avert future tragedies.


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