Fatal Explosion at Supreme Fireworks: 2 Workers Killed in Tragedy Near Sivakasi

Two workers were killed and two others suffered grievous injuries in a minor explosion at Supreme Fireworks near Sivakasi in Virudhunagar district, on Tuesday, July 9, 2024. The injured workers have been hospitalized; police said the explosion occurred when the workers, of Supreme Fireworks, were handling chemicals.

Explosion at Supreme Fireworks

Fatal Explosion at Supreme Fireworks: 2 Workers Killed in Tragedy Near Sivakasi

The police identified the deceased as P. Mariappan (43) and P. Muthu Murugan (40) of Chidambarapuram. The injured are C. Saroja (52) of Chithamanaickanpatti and K. Sankaravelu (53) of Sevalur.

The explosion comes barely two months after 10 workers were killed and 13 others sustained injuries in a blast at a fireworks unit in May.

According to police reports, the workers were pushing a small cart carrying chemicals from the chemical storage room of the fireworks unit to the chemical mixing room. Saroja and Sankaravelu were involved in sieving the chemicals, while the other two were unloading the chemicals, when a huge ball of fire engulfed them following a minor blast.

While Mariappan and Muthu Murugan were killed on the spot due to burn injuries, the other two were critically injured with over 90% burns.

Preventive Measures and Safety Protocols

Fatal Explosion at Supreme Fireworks: 2 Workers Killed in Tragedy Near Sivakasi

Incidents like this underscore the importance of stringent safety measures in handling hazardous materials such as chemicals in fireworks units. Here are some preventive measures that could have potentially mitigated the risk:

  1. Proper Training and Awareness: Ensure all workers are adequately trained in handling chemicals, understanding their properties, and adhering to safety protocols.
  2. Strict Compliance with Safety Standards: Enforce strict adherence to fire safety regulations and industry standards regarding the storage, handling, and transportation of chemicals.
  3. Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification: Conduct regular risk assessments to identify potential hazards and implement corresponding control measures.
  4. Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Provide and ensure the use of appropriate PPE, including fire-resistant clothing, gloves, goggles, and respirators, to mitigate exposure risks.
  5. Safe Handling Procedures: Establish clear procedures for handling, transporting, and storing chemicals, emphasizing safe practices and minimizing potential sources of ignition.
  6. Implementation of Advanced Monitoring Systems: Integrate advanced fire safety monitoring systems like IGNICOP® from Basic Elements, which provide real-time monitoring of fire alarms and pressure levels, ensuring immediate alerts and response to deviations.

IGNICOP®, introduced by Basic Elements, could have played a pivotal role in preventing such incidents by continuously monitoring the chemical handling process. As an Early Warning Apparatus and Communication System (EWACS), IGNICOP® ensures timely alerts to stakeholders and first responders, facilitating swift intervention and minimizing risks.

Basic Elements, a leader in fire safety solutions, emphasizes proactive measures to enhance safety across industries. Their innovative approach with IGNICOP® underscores the importance of integrating advanced technologies to safeguard lives and property.

As investigations into the Supreme Fireworks incident continue, the implementation of robust preventive measures and advanced fire safety technologies like IGNICOP® becomes imperative. By prioritizing safety protocols and leveraging cutting-edge solutions, industries can significantly reduce the risk of such tragic incidents and promote safer working environments.

Contact Basic Elements to schedule a fire safety assessment and ensure your establishment is fully prepared to prevent and respond to fire emergencies.”


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