Himachal Pradesh’s Una Inferno teaches us the importance of fire safety

Himachal Pradesh’s Una

There have been several fire incidents in Himachal Pradesh, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Approximately 30 houses were destroyed by a fire that erupted in Ward 10 of the Lal Singh area in Una. In another incident, a fire broke out at a house in Shimla’s Rohru subdivision, spreading to 8 neighboring houses.

As a result of the fire in Una, three fire brigade vehicles were deployed to contain the blaze. Similarly, three fire tenders from Rohru and Chidgaon responded to the fire in Rohru, but the fire had already caused extensive damage to the houses.

Himachal Pradesh's Una

Residents Safe, but Properties Destroyed

As residents evacuated their homes quickly, no casualties were reported in either incident. As the fire spread rapidly from one house to another, particularly in the wooden houses of the Tikker area’s Daroti village, the properties were severely damaged.

Both fires are currently under investigation. Preliminary findings suggest that Rohru’s fire was caused by a short circuit, while Una’s fire is still unknown.

The local administration has responded to the devastating fires. The Daroti village has received immediate relief of 100,000. As well, arrangements have been made for approximately 21 families that were displaced by the fire. Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, the chief minister of Himachal Pradesh, has directed the administration to provide all possible assistance to the victims.

Himachal Pradesh's Una

The incidents serve as a poignant reminder of the need for robust fire safety measures in both residential and commercial settings. Preventing such catastrophic events requires adequate fire prevention strategies, including regular inspections, proper electrical maintenance, and readily accessible firefighting equipment.

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Authorities and citizens must prioritize fire safety in Himachal Pradesh in the wake of these devastating fires. Firefighting techniques, rapid response, and community awareness are essential to mitigating risks posed by fires and protecting lives and property. Hopefully, these incidents will serve as a wake-up call for proactive fire safety measures in our communities.

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