Six Killed as Bus and Lorry Catch Fire After Collision in Telangana

Tragic Bus Collision in Telangana Highlights Need for Fire Safety Measures

A private bus carrying six passengers caught fire following a collision with a tipper at Evurivaripalem Donka near Chilakaluripet in the early hours of Wednesday, charring them to death. Police report that a bus carrying passengers from Chinna Ganjam mandal of Bapatla district collided with a tipper at Evurivaripalem.

Six Killed as Bus and Lorry Catch Fire After Collision in Telangana

Police report that four men, including the bus and truck drivers, a woman, and a minor girl died. 42 passengers were on board, returning to Hyderabad after exercising their franchise on Monday. More than 30 injured passengers were treated at a hospital. U Kasi (65), U Lakshmi (55), her grandchild M Khyati Saishri (8), tanker driver Hari Singh (39), SK Mastan Sharif (47), and D Srinivasa Rao (54), have been identified as the deceased. Those who died were all natives of Bapatla.

Emergency Response 

Immediately after the incident was reported to authorities, ambulances and fire tenders were dispatched. “By the time we reached the spot, the bus was totally engulfed in flames,” a police official stated. First aid was administered at the Chilakaluripet government hospital before the injured were transferred to the Guntur government hospital.

Cause of the Accident

According to police, the accident was caused by the bus driver’s rash driving. There has been a complaint filed, and an investigation is currently underway. BJP chief D Purandeswari and Governor S Abdul Nazeer visited the bereaved families to express their condolences.

There is a critical need for strict fire safety measures, especially in vehicles, in light of this tragic collision. In order to prevent such catastrophic events, robust fire safety protocols must be implemented and enforced. The following are some key measures:

  • Installing Fire Extinguishers and Fire Suppression Systems: All vehicles, especially those transporting large numbers of passengers, should be equipped with fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems
  • Regular Maintenance and Inspections: Regularly inspecting and maintaining vehicles to ensure that all fire safety equipment is functioning as intended.
  • Training Drivers and Staff: Train drivers and staff on fire safety so they can respond to a fire quickly and effectively.

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Fire safety measures may seem expensive at first, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. Fires can have devastating consequences, including loss of life, serious injuries, extensive property damage, and legal liabilities.

As a result of recent tragic incidents, such as the collision in Telangana in which six lives were lost as a result of a fire following a vehicular collision, fire safety measures become even more imperative. By taking proactive measures to enhance fire safety measures, people can be protected from the devastating effects of fires.

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